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Rule of Thumb:

"If it's not visible from space,

 you don't have enough lights"






November 26th - January 4th


from 6pm - 10pm







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Kolde Christmas Radio



A Christmas Light Enthusiasts Prayer


"As I untangle strings

of Christmas Lights,

Lord help me to remember that

I do this first to honor you.

Never let me get so prideful

of my display

that I fail to see the wonders in the 

eyes of a child or

the joy in the faces of those

who are still children at heart.

Never let me forget that my

total effort is to make

Christmas memories,

bring cheer, and to slow down

the pace of a hectic season

if only for a moment.

And, Lord, someday when I

meet you face to face,

may I hear you say:

"When you made My people smile,

you made Me smile."







2020 Christmas (Covid Wont Keep Us Down)

(Covid Wont Keep Us Down)




2019 Christmas

Christmas Around The World Theme





2018 10 Years Christmas


Merry Christmas and welcome to the Kolde Christmas lights show!  This year we celebrate our 10th anniversary of Christmas lights by sharing songs from some of our favorite Christmas movies.  We are sure that you will recognize some of your favorites, too!  Our Christmas lights show consists of 50,000 lights and over 2 miles of extension cords.  We’ve added the spiral Christmas tree on the driveway as a new feature this year.  We hope that you enjoy the show and have an incredible Christmas season.                                                                  






2017 Christmas

Welcome to Kolde Christmas 2017.  Every year we hope for a Christmas filled with all of our favorite things.  This year, we decided to make it a year filled with our favorite songs from Christmas shows past.  The songs we’ve picked come from our Christmas light shows over the past 8 years.  We hope some of our favorites are some of your favorites too!  Our Christmas lights show consists of 48,000 lights and over 2 miles of extension cords.  We wish you all a very, merry Christmas.  May it be a year will with all of your favorite things!







2016 1950's Christmas

We got some old records off the shelf, but we won’t listen to them by ourselves.  Today’s music ain’t in our Christmas show.  We like that old time rock n’ roll…Christmas, that is.

Welcome, everyone, to Kolde Christmas 2016 where we are celebrating an “Old Time Rock n’ Roll Christmas”.

This year, we’ve added one new feature to our show, the mini trees across the front lawn.  The addition of this new feature brings our grand total number of lights to 53,000; with over 2 miles of extension cords.

From our family to yours, “Have a rockin’ good Christmas!” and enjoy the show!





2015 Hawaiian-themed Christmas            




2014 Minecraft Christmas

It's a Merry, Merry Minecraft Christmas time






TimeIt's a Merry, Merry




2013 Redneck Christmas

Yee Haw howdy all, welcome to Kolde Christmas. This year's theme is Redneck Christmas So get your boots on, plop a hat on your head,
and hold on to your horses.
Here we go with 45,000 hooting lights on the house.









2012 Techno Christmas 

This year we hope you are ready to "TECHNO".

The Christmas song for this years' show have a techno beat. We also have a couple of other fun additions. Our son encouraged us to go "Gangnam Style" and we've added a red, white, and blue tribute to our troops.

The house has been decked out with red, green, and white lights. We've also added 10 mini trees to the show. We have a total of 45,000 lights this year and 1.2 miles of extension cords.

We are proud of the show we have prepared for  you this year, but we now have some competition. My little brother thinks he has the better show. We encourage you to check out both of them and cast your vote for your favorite light show.









2011 Christmas Past


" Remembering Christmas's Past " is this years theme. For this year's show, we have put up about 37,000 lights,

using years past light shows.

Way to go RIVERSIDE we have collected

   517lbs of food in the past 3 years. 


From KoldeChrismas

to you







2010 Cartoon Christmas


"It's shaping up to be a wonderful holiday..."

This year's light show is titled "Cartoon Christmas".  It is filled with songs by Spongebob Squarepants, Disney characters, Looney Tunes, and other fun kid-inspired melodies


For this year's show, we have put up about 35,000 lights.  We changed our color scheme from red and white to red and green.   The contrast of red and green is impressive. This also gets us ready for next year as we prepare to use red, white, and green lights

Please come by and enjoy the show.  If you do, you may be greeted and treated to a candy cane by a member of our family.  Our sons are also selling hot cocoa to make some money for their holiday gift-giving.

 Merry Christmas to all and we hope that it is "shaping up to be a wonderful holiday" for you, too!


2009 Family Christmas


This Year we upgraded to 200 amp for Christmas. A far cry form 30 amps we had last year.

We also added more lights,

     Holidays are coming…holidays are coming…holidays are coming…We are excited for everyone to see the 32,000 lights decorating our house this year.  It took all year to plan and several days to set up, but we areready!  Our show this year is a synchronization of lights to seven entertaining Christmas songs (including one popular cola commercial).  In addition to lights covering the house and roof, this year we have added a mega tree and arches of leaping lights that cross our yard.  We are also collecting non-perishable food to help support those who feed needy families in our community.  We hope everyone comes by to see the show, donate food for the needy, get a candy cane, and  maybe even buy some hot chocolate from our son

(on the weekends)!


2008 Christmas Light Show

      In 2008 our display grown in leaps and bounds, to 17,935 lights to be precise.Beginning in July, plans were made for our light to "dance" to music. Through the purchase of a Light-O-Rama program, the synchronization began on the computer. Several hours have been put into organizing the display on the computer. Then (after a bit of a detour for halloween decoration), we got all of the necessary materials together (more lights!) and got the house prepped. On November 16th, through the help of our wonderful family, the house and tree were covered in lights. After many test runs, the whole show went live on Thanksgiving night. It runs nightly from 5:30pm to 9:00 pm. Just drive by, tune your radio in to 106.5FM, and enjoy the sh





2007 Christmas Light Show


   Our first year with Christmas lights      on our home, 





 You see I like all white lights and she likes all color so as a compromise between my wife and myself  I set it  up to switch back and forth from white to color every minute. So, with 5,000 lights we started our 

Christmas light show.